Standalone military romantic thriller

Cori's family lives in an anti-government group in Montana. Her adventuresome spirit often lands in in trouble with the Elders who run the sect. When she travels to another H.O.M.E for her sisters wedding her dull and regimented life takes a welcomed, yet, uncertain direction. 

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Bliss expects Afghanistan to be dangerous, she is prepared for the worst, or so she thought. Something is off; she's not just fighting ISIS anymore. Conner's team is his extended family and his biggest fear is losing one of them. He needs to keep them safe, they are his priority, but she needs him too. His head says to walk away; his heart says to Save Bliss.

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A standalone romantic adventure that the undeniable sizzling chemistry between Jo and Wes was not the problem. Jo begins to unravel a mystery that gets her investigative reporter juices flowing, but also places her in imminent danger. Wes has his own problems as bodyguard to one of the world's most beautiful movie stars, Ginger Lola, has him reeling. As Jo and Wes risk their lives for their jobs turmoil ensues and creates One Tough Love.

If you like cowboys, these two books are for you!

Neighbors  and A Chance For More  can be read as standalone's, however, A Chance For More was written after Neighbors, and many of the characters are the same, so I recommend you read Neighbors first.

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 I'm self published and I even created the cover for many of my books. I do not have an editor but I do use a program to aid me with spelling and grammar. I hate errors and unfortunately I don't catch them all. If you find one, email it to me and I will fix it. Lastly, thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy my stories. I do very little paid marketing; you wouldn't believe how expensive that is, so word of mouth and reviews left on Amazon are greatly appreciated, also thank you for sharing my FaceBook posts.

FBI Romantic suspense

Standalone Romance, Crime, Action-Adventure

Maggie will do anything to keep her daughter safe, even if it means trusting a man who has the potential to save her daughters life, but destroy her own.

​Living in beautiful Pawleys Island, South Carolina, Mackie builds a quiet life for herself. Working from home as a web designer, allows her the freedom to enjoy her beloved creek. Her neighbors affectionately refer to her as 'Creek Girl.'
Mackie inadvertently uncovers a clue to her mother's cold case disappearance. Using her journalist talent Mackie decides to expose the epidemic of missing women in the United States. Untold secrets put Mackie's life in danger, and she must trust her stepbrother's, best friend, Special Agent Leo Trigger, with her alarming research. Sizzling passion ignites as the handsome agent inserts himself into the investigation. Until she discovers he has a secret too.

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Saving Bliss

Suspenseful mystery, a roller coaster romance results in an action packed story.

Award Winning Author

Zanne Sweeney

Happy Montana - complete series reading order

Finding Happy, Silver Lining Summer,

​Now It's Perfect, The Tough Guy Falls​​​

Saving The Creek Girl

2022 Allen Media Strategies Award and 2017 Book Contest Finalist in Book Excellence Awards

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Standalone Romantic Suspense Cowboys,  the DEA and motorcycle clubs collide

Saving Bliss 2022 winner of the Allen Media Strategies Award

Belle is the fourth generation to live on Green Mountain, a mountain that some say is cursed. Her upbringing has been unique, but until a tragedy hits she never realized just how different she is. When ghostly events endanger her life Belle’s simple world spins out of control.
Brady had it all, but coming home from Afghanistan as a seriously wounded Marine has left him a broken man. He has no job, no confidence and no desire to rejoin the life he once had. 
The perilous mystery surrounding Green Mountain puts Belle and Brady in grave danger. He wants to keep her safe, but how can he? He’s not the Marine hero he once was. She would do anything for him to feel whole again, including leave him. 

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​5 Star Review

Readers Favorite

Saving Bliss  2017 Book Contest Award Winner

A Chance For More 2014​ Book Contest Award Winner

 A woman placed in witness protection meets a firefighter just back from Afghanistan.  Their attraction to each other is undeniable, but their lives take on dangerous factions that lead them into perilous situations that test their courage and their chance at happiness. This book is also available in an abridged version...PG reading.

A standalone romantic mystery

Partial proceeds from this book will be given to the Semper Fi Fund.

 A romance novel packed with suspense, intrigue, and sizzling passion. 

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5 Star Review

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      Zanne Sweeney, a graduate from Kent State University is a retired PE teacher who loves to write stories that she hopes her readers won’t want to put down.

     “That’s the ultimate compliment.” 

     Zanne loves to spend time with her family and fun loving friends. She is a novice  photographer, a consummate sports fan, and is never without a book to read.